End the year with a celebration they never saw coming.

Host the virtual party of the year in your very own snow-covered corporate chalet. 

Your team deserves a treat this holiday.

Transform any online fireside chat, corporate retreat or office party into a special occasion, with all the trimmings and gentle snowflakes to keep the magic of Christmas alive and well.

Metaverse? Mega easy.

There’s no manual for joining a party, and it’s no different in Orbits. Our platform is incredibly easy to use, easy to marvel. No hardware, clunky headsets or extra gadgets required. Just bring your beverage of choice and jump right in from your browser!

Our most flexible venue yet.

Our Fireside venue is designed to give you options. Whether your vibe is more fireside chat or disco inferno, we’ll get you moving quickly toward a successful year-end gathering.

Modular Venue

With 6 configurable spaces, our Fireside venue can be quickly and easily tailored to your needs, giving you more time to contemplate the important questions in life... Stage or dance floor? Cocktail bar or yoga studio? Whiskey bar or whisky bar?

Versatile Rooms

Form meets function with our feature-packed room types. Support your event programme with everything from collaborative workshops and keynote stages to themed social rooms.

High Engagement

Does the prospect of another Zoom call or webinar excite you as much as a livestream of paint drying? Go for an immersive, intuitive virtual environment that transports you and your guests to another world, as memorable parties should.

Branded Environments

Brand integration comes as standard with the Orbits Fireside venue. Our visually rich venues are quickly personalised to deliver familiar, meaningful moments for your employees, clients, and attendees.

Oh the humanity!

Forget robotic emails, links and codes. Orbits is designed to be accessed easily and intuitively. With one address people can reach and explore the whole venue, just like they do in the physical world.

It's your world

Need something we haven't thought of yet? Enquire about bespoke designs. Our highly customisable platform can be tailored to make the venue of your dreams.

Want to see all the room options?

Trusted by the world's leading brands

“The attention to detail and creativity was superb – our bespoke ATech branded environment really added that wow factor to the event especially with all the little customised visual details. For example, we opted for the custom scavenger hunt and had servers hidden throughout the venue. It really made it feel ours. Personally, I was blown away to see my digital self as CEO, riding in to the Christmas party on a sleigh! It was all of those delightful surprises and complete brand alignment that made it feel special.


Running a virtual Christmas party with Orbits was a great way to boost morale and show our employees how much we care about them. I would highly recommend Orbits to anyone who has a distributed team and is looking for a way to run a truly engaging annual celebration.”

– Sarah-jane Peterschlingmann,
CEO, ATech

How It Works

01 Book your Venue

Secure your dates today.

02 Configure & Customise

Choose your rooms, and further customise your vibe. Looking to impress? Introduce a custom scavenger hunt or bespoke design.

03 Spread cheer

Once the venue of your dreams is ready, we’ll equip you with promotional graphics to get your event planning started. Reach out to us at any stage at team@orbits.live. We're humans!

Orbits Festive Fireside package with 6 configurable rooms: AUD$2,600 (~ USD$1,650)

Create your world.

Interested in organising other events or spaces?

Orbits can help you year-round, with:

large-scale events

Let us organise your next big conference, trade show, festival or exhibitions with a virtual counterpart. Our massive venues can power complex events with numerous moving parts, large audiences and concurrent sessions.


Hybrid Venues & Digital Twins

Bring people back to the venues they already know and love. We can replicate an existing physical space with a full digital twin, or extend the value of one via an engaging hybrid offering. 


Virtual Workplaces

Orbits mimics business-as-usual for ease of use by colleagues, fostering a shared sense of belonging, ownership and purpose.


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